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Mayhem's lyrics

The lyrics written during 1985 - 1992


Every time this year this dark fog will appear up from the tombs it comes to take one more life that can be near. In the middle of transylvania All natural life has for a long time ago gone, its thin and so beautyful but also so dark and mysterious. Once again the priest is messing may the god bless us all. The fog is here again that'll complete this funeral. From a place empty of life. Only dead trees are growing hear as it comes from a far Only dead treas are growing hear ............Funeral Fog ............Funeral Fog ............Funeral Fog ............Funeral Fog


Everything Here Is So Cold Everything Here Is So Dark I Remember It As From A Dream In The Corner Of This Time Diabolic Shapes Float By Out From The Dark I Remember It Was Here I Died By Following The Freezing Moon It's Night Again, Night You Beautiful I Please My Hunger, On Living Humans Night Of Hunger Follow It's Call Follow The Freezing Moon Darkness Is Growing, Eternity Opens The Cememtary Lights Up Again As In Ancient Times Fallen Souls Die Behind My Steps By Following The Freezing Moon


My name was written with fire in the place you only can see when your time has come When you walk down in the land of shadows for eternity. The demon flies in the blackened starless skies and crawls in the bottomless depths of hell. The name which will be a thousand times cursed in eternity. Condamned to wander, until it comes to the cruelest snake that crawls. The demon flies in the blackened starless skies, and crawls in the bottomless depths of hell.


The bloody history from the past deceased humans now forgotten. An age of legends and fear a time now so discant. Less numbered as they were their lives so primitive and pagan superstitions were a part of the life so unprotected in the dark nights Pagan fears. The past is alive. The past is alive. Woeful people with pale faces staring obsessed at the moon some memories will never go away and they will forever be here.


A dream of another existence you wish to die a dream of another world you pray for death to release the soul. One must die to find peace inside, you must get eternal I am a mortal but am I human ? How beautiful life is now when my time has come. A human destiny but nothing human inside. What'll be left of me when I'm dead, there was nothing when I lived. What you found was eternal death no one will ever miss you.


A face in stone, decayed by age. A man who has returned to tell of his damnation. Fears so deep, the mouth open wide. The scream died away before dawn of this time. The eyes - stares so empty. The mouth - screems so silent. Tell me ! - what did you see there ? In the darkness - of the past. Ancient times legends stories so dark. Blackened his sight, now not even the memories are left. Back after such a long time, the stone is cold as death. But what formed it's true fears, only the wind is able to tell.


Visions of that no mornings light ever will come. I'm to old now. The dark is so near, will I ever reach the land beyond This is where we go when we have to die. I've been old since the birth of time.Time buried me in earth centuries ago, I tasted blood. Buried by time and dust. Many years has pasted since the funeral. Missing the blood of human throats so many years, ages ago. I must await, feel my bodies stench. Wanderings out of space. Wandering out of time. A world out of light, death at the end. Only silence can be heard, silence of peoples tears. No one knows my grave. Buried by time and dust.


Welcome ! To the elder ruins again. The wind wispers beside the deep forest. Darkness will show us the way"Heic noenum pax." Here is no peace. The sky has darkened thirteen as we are collected woeful around a book made of human flesh. "De grandaevus antiquus mulum tristis, arcanas mysteria scriptum". The books bloodwritten pages open. "Invoco crentus domini de daemonium" We follow with our whit eyes The cermonials proceeding. "Heic noenum pax". Bring us the goat. "Rex sacriticulus mortifer". In the circle of stone coffins. We are standing with our black robes on, holding the bowl with unholy wather. "Psychomantum et prec'r exito annos major". "Ferus netandus sacerdos magus. Mortem animalium"


Demonic laughter your cremation Your lungs gasp for air but are filled with blood A sudden crack as I crushed your skull The remind of your life flashes by A life that soon won't be Smiling with axe in my hand Evil's rotten hand you'll see I come forward Deathcrush I'll send you to your maker I'll send you to your death Death nicely crucified Death, heads on stakes The barbeque has just begun Deathcrush - Deathcrush - Deathcrush Crush - Crush Deathcrush Deathcrush Deathcrush


Witchcraft, blood and Satan Meet the face of Death Blood Fire Torture Pain KILL Witchcraft, blood and Satan Meet the face of Death Blood Fire Torture Pain Winds of war, winds of hate Armageddon, tales from Hell The wage of mayhem, the wage of sin Come and hear, Lucifer sings Command for blood, command for war Command for Satan, command for Hell Command for blood, command for war Command for Satan, command for Hell Command for blood Command for Satan Command for you


Your stinking corpse I desire nothing can take me higher Fucking you till your bones break Another one has to die Come dripping from my dick Fucking you to the core Can't take this anymore My brain is driving me insane Necrolust Eating the flesh of a thousand corpses Bloodsucking cuntless nuns her guts were boiling out of her butt Eating her slimey cunt as I hold her tits Come posercorpse and die again!


Bleed down to the fucking core You're going down for fucking more Screw your slimy guts Driving me fucking nuts! Chainsaw in my bleeding hands As I start to cut you in two Your guts are steaming out And I just love the sight! Maggots crawling in her cunt I just love to lick that shit Bury you in a slimy grave You will rot forever there!


Random torture I piss on your rights Armaggedon Genocide Stinking corpses Fuck the dead Your guts i shall hack Your mind i'll burn black Pure Fucking Armaggedon I can see across the crumble the Father of the rubble Pure Fucking Armaggedon Pure Fucking Armaggedon

Anno Satanas 2004-2005, SchattenSturm

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