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Mayhem's interviews

Interview with group for the period 1986-1993

This page contains an interview with Euronymous of Mayhem, and is taken from the norwegian mag Beat no.2 / 1993. The interview is co-edited by Lord Sauron

Beat has managed to visit the closed store ĎHelveteí, which means Hell in english. Black Metal has been very focused on by the medias the last time, since Count Grishnackh of Burzum has been arrested, suspected for murder and setting two churches on fire. Another central person is Euronymous. He plays in Mayhem, runs the record company Deathlike Silence Productions and a mailorder store which is the remains of Helvete.

A pr-trick?

óBlack Metal grows because people gets tired of ordinary Death Metal. In Black Metal you will find the really exciting personalitys, and the musical quality is much larger than in the other categorys, says Euronymous.

He doesnít belive in a Black Metal trend because satanism is an obligatory part of the Black Metal pack as we call it.

óBlack Metal is so extreme that not anyone can get into it. This isnít any funny hobby which stupid kids shall have after they comes home from school.

He and the rest of the band thinks itís very important to get away from the rest of the metal society.

óIt has always been a lot of cliches in metal, and not even the metal society has taken it seriously. When it then comes someone who is serious about what they are doing, everyone is shocked. Black Metal is meant to be serious, not because other shall take us seriously, but because we are serious. It is talk about religion, and we praise the evil and we belive blindly in a godly creature just like a christian.

What is so solid with evilness?

óWhat is so solid about goodness then? Itís just the way it is. I neither will or can definate it. It is a basicly hate to humankind. I have no friends, just the guys Iím allied with. If my girlfriend dies I wonít cry, I will missuse the corpse.


óJust because we doesnít sing ďSatan come eat dinner with meĒ, it will always be a satanic concept behind it, says the Mayhem guys.

But isnít really the satanic thing to deny the logical?

óYes, in a way, but the human is nothing compared to the great cosmos. Scientists canít disprove the excistense of religion. No matter how hard you try, you canít explain the universe. You canít leave out a religious belief.

All of you in Mayhem have a good relationship to your parents, how does it harmony with this thing that you shall be evil all the time?

óAs long as you can have personal royalties, why not? A christian canít be 100% good all the time either. The thing that is most important to us is to be active with the spreading of evilness. We donít have to prove that we are evil, and we donít care about what people thinks about us. If you will you can look at us as unserious. WE ARE NOT FOR YOU!

Is this interview a part of the spreading of evilness?

óIt is publicity for us and the bands, then we sell more records and spread evilness through them. Satanists with wellpaid jobs donít need interviews like this.

War against humour

óThis thing is meant to be dark. Even if I listen to bands like Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Marillion, I try to create my own mood out of the music. Iím listening after the dark, says Euronymous. On the Deathcrush record the humour element is absolutely thereóitís a picture of a cow on the label.

That was then. Now we mean partying is bad. Itís better to sit and cut yourself, than to go out and have fun. Sometimes you have to face some challenges, but they must be fought with a hard hand. Itís many years since I managed to feel love. This is just the way it is. This is a main concept.


One of the members of Mayhem was found guilty when he mutilated a person badly. The victimís face is disfigured forever.

óI crushed a bottle in the head of a guy which was shaking a lady that was together with me. When his pal came against me it blackened. I donít remember it, but I drove the crushed bottle right in his face.

Iíve heard rumours about the thing with your old vocalist. Iíve heard that it was the rest of the band which killed him. Pieces of his skull shall have been used as necklasses. The police is sure about the thing that he commited suicide.

óIt was a time when we didnít want to disprove the rumours. It was good publicity for us, but now it has become so heavy, that we thought we should do something about it, says the Mayhem guys, and thinks about the Ďniceguyí interview in Dagbladet.

óThey who got brains to think with will understand it.

The rumours about the thing that a innercircle of ten satanists shall kill other people?

óNo comment.

Middle-age satanism

It has been operated with three categories of satanists

They who call themself satanists after they have practiced occult rituals

The followers of The Church of Satan and itís grounder Anton LaVey

Often called Ďthe violent satanistsíóSatan worshipers

The guys in Mayhem are against the people in category 1 and 2.

óChurch of Satan call themselves satanists because they think itís funny and provoking. They are really atheists and are against the church because it has caused so much evil upon the time. They predicate that the christians are evil and theirself are good ones. We are against The Church of Satan because weíre against goodness.

A central name for satanists has been Aleister Crowley (1875Ė1947). His ĎBook of Lawí has been in use of very many which is interested in the occult. The guys in Mayhem is against him too.

óAleister Crowley called himself ĎThe worldís most evil personí. But what the fuck did he do which was so evil? NOTHING! Conclusion: Crowley was nice.

Crowley is most famous for his device ĎDo What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Lawí.

óThat law is totally wrong. People shall do what we want them to do. Weíre against freedom, and forced a band from Rogaland in NorwayóBelsebubóto split up. We started the whole thing in Norway and we are in command, itís just the way it is. Itís hard to explain why. Both Crowley and The Church of Satan preach the thing that people shall get strong, only the strong ones have the rights to survive and the weak shall be crushed. ďTrue satanists are superhumansĒ says the Mayhem guys as it was a normal thing to be.

Norwegian school

óThere are three Real Black Metal bands in Norway, says Metalion in ĎSlayer Magí. Those are Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum. Burzumís mainman is Count Grishnackh, and the most of you surely have noticed that he is arrested, suspected for setting two churches afire. Besides these three we have the ĎfamilyíóEnslaved, Emperor and Arcturusóand all the garagebands which only time will show what stands for. Norwegian Black Metal isnít only good to be norwegian, says Metalion. He means that Norwegian bands are totally serious both with music and what they stand for.

óThe music is really special, it has a mood which you almost never hear anywere else.

Euronymous talks about a norwegian school.

óIn foreign countries itís most focused on riffs, but we in Norway does it more intricate. We compose the songs, and do not have the standarized flatt sound that the foreign bands which goes to Florida (Morrysound) or Stockholm (Sunlight) has. Soon Norway will get all the atention, says Euronymous.


Many of the bands has left the speed behind, and picked up the slower, darker and more gothic moodness.

óBurzum doesnít exactly sound brutal, but creates the sound of fog and depression, the evil groundmood can be as well as important, explains Euronymous. He is experimating with classical structures in his own band Mayhem, but puts thundering speedy drums in the background.

Enslaved is another band that is experimating with classical elements. Their fifteen year old mainmanóD. Ymeróis really into Grieg and Chopin.

óMusicaly weíre differnt from most of the other bands because we use a lot of keyboard. It sounds more majestic, says D. Ymer and tells that they play epic viking symfonies. Enslaved is practicing a viking-concept which contains norse lyrics and a inversed norse belief.

óLoke (the supreme), Fenris and Votan is our gods, and we are therefor not a Black Metal band. But we feel a musicaly frienship with them, explains D. Ymer. They are soon to release their debut recordóĎHordanes Landíóon the English company Candlelight.


On the same company as Enslaved is Emperor from Notodden (Norway). The guy who runs Candlelight asked Euronymous if he knew about some good bands in Norway, says drummer Faust.

Emperor donít look at themself as a Black Metal band either. óI am not a satanist, but I praise the evil. Itís as simpel as that. Satanism is a personal thing, I donít ask other people about things like that, says Faust. But that did the mother of the bassplayer in the band when she read about Count Grishnackh. She told him to quit the band or move out. The twentyone year old guy have dropped the bassplayingÖ

Musicaly Emperor is different from the rest of the band because of their extremely shrieking vocals and with speedy changes from slow to ultrafast. The slow parts is a thing they share with the Oslo band Arcturus, which have released an 7". They are something special, because their music is based on synth. Immortal is also a part of the family. Their debutóDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticismóis out in these days on the french company Osmose. Their music is more primitive than the others.

ĎLife metalí

With all the atention around the norwegian Black Metal sceneónationaly as well as internationalyóthe bands maybe will start to sell more records. Euronymous thinks that is a good thing.

óIt is better that we in the Ďfamilyí earns a lot of bucks, than that all these Life Metal bands does it. They are just an insult to the old Venom which created the whole thing, and they can thank for their existence. No matter, we will never get commercial. If we can manipulate a lot of stupid kids, thatís great.

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